Jerry Geist was born in 1951 in Ft. Collins, CO. At the tender age of two months his parents moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming where he has lived since, nurturing his love for this remarkable state. Growing up he seized every opportunity to hunt, fish, hike and camp throughout the state, so it seemed a natural choice to pick a career that allowed him to enjoy his home and passion for Wyoming.

jerry geist photography
At nineteen Jerry enlisted in the Air Force to receive his first formal training as a photographer. His military work afforded him many opportunities including aerial photography, a skill used often in his later career. Following his discharge, he got his first job managing a camera department at a local retail store. That first job led to yet another position managing a camera store in Cheyenne, WY. He continued his studies and worked tirelessly to develop his skills and to photograph his beloved home.

In 1977 he was hired as a photographer for the state of Wyoming which required travel throughout the state, expanding his opportunities while developing an even greater appreciation for Wyoming's diverse, natural beauty. His work was included in publications ranging from state highway maps to the Game and Fish Department's 'Wyoming Wildlife' magazine, the Travel Commission tourist informational brochures as well as some national publications. His pictures included portraits of the state's Governors and even some pictures of President Reagan. Some of his special memories were the times he spent with his best friend, a state Grizzly Bear biologist, trapping and relocating bears. Those times made an indelible mark in his mind and resulted in some very special images. He ended his state career in 1994 after sixteen years, holding the position of senior photographer.

After a 25 year hiatus from school he finished his art degree then began teaching photo workshops to enthusiastic students. For several years he developed and taught workshops on wildflower photography, scenic / landscape photography, fall colors, sky photography and even a 16 week introduction to photography. He organized and led 10 day field trips to Yellowstone for his most dedicated students, exposing them to the long and often arduous days of a professional photographer.

Now, once again he is working on his personal collection of images of Wyoming. He has committed to put together a body of work to share with those who love the Wyoming outdoors. 'Images of Wyoming' is his personal vision of the creation in the unique and diverse beauty that is Wyoming.

Jerry's current collection of Wyoming images include over 900 portfolio prints including a Buffalo gallery dedicated to his favorite large animal. Other special work includes an 8' wide limited edition print - 'The Teton/Snake River Panorama' and a 2006 Art Award print of a bison and a steam locomotive that is a remembrance of the decimation of the great herds with the coming of the railroads to the American West.

Jerry continues to shoot new photographs to add to his porfolios as he travels the state discovering new images of Wyoming.

About the Artist and His work

Jerry's work is a study of subjects shot on the edge of light, the edge of weather and the edge of seasons. The finest of all his images incorporates two or more of these attributes. Look for those images when weather is changing, at the turn of seasons, with dramatic light, often at the dawn or close of a day. These sharp contrasts offer to him the same excitement so many people express who say they 'live on the edge.' When you look through these portfolios, see if you can identify these edge boudaries.

Jerry claims the greatest motivation for his work is his personal relationship with his God and Savior. At 12 years of age he asked the Lord Jesus to reside in his heart. That defining moment in his life has affected everything in his life, not the least of which is his photography.

"When I visit a place and see the glorious vistas, skies or even the tiniest of details, I reflect on verses of scripture or lines from the great hymns of the faith that attest to God's majesty. I catch myself speaking out loud, in words of praise, my love for Him and giving thanks for what He allows me to enjoy. I want more than anything else I do, to have my work be a testament to His glory.

As I observe new things each time I venture out, I see more and more that nothing here can be an accident. There is such incredible detail, design and purpose in all things. The mechanics of every living thing is so perfect that chance has no chance of being responsible for its function. I stand in awe of my God. Though I often say that I love this place or that thing, the truth is I love the One Who designed and created it all. It is my Creator, not His creation that is worthy of praise."

"You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for You created all things . . . ." Revelation 4:11