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The Photographic Art of Jerry Geist hangs in homes around the globe. We welcome you to our site and are certain that you will enjoy viewing the unique variety of photographs from one of the most beautiful places in America - Wyoming!

Select your category from the left and take a visually stunning tour through the wilderness. Explore new territories, scenic vistas and spectacular wildlife to bring some of Wyoming home to your own walls. These beautiful scenes are available as studio-quality prints and can be purchased at the click of a mouse on our secure site.

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Feel free to view your choices within the borders of a picture frame and perceive a look as it might be in your home or office. Frames are not included in the price of the prints, unless otherwise noted, but are available to enhance your viewing enjoyment.

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Our website is constantly being updated with new images, and now a brand new page called News and Events.  On this page you can get the latest news flashes about what is happening at Images of Wyoming.

There  is a lot to read and much to expect.  In this  section you will find additional information about my work, gallery openings,  newspaper and magazine articles,  and upcoming events like the Casper Heritage Expo.  See examples of our panorama images, some of which now reach a whopping 45 feet wide.  You  will also be introduced to those  who continue to be significant influences on me and my work.  I'll also introduce you to my family, those who are an important part of  Images of Wyoming.

Now, in addition to the News and Events page on the website, you can subscribe to my new blog called Images of Wyoming.   It  can be found at http://imagesofwyoming.blogspot.com.  I try to  write stories of interest to photographers that visit  Wyoming, tell some stories  of past experiences, some of which will include Bear stories  and experiences I had when spending time trapping Grizzly Bears in Wyoming.  You can read about the equipment I use,  and also get the stories that come from newspaper and magazine articles.  Something neat is  the  ability to subscribe to the blog's updates via email.  It is an easy way to keep current with all the changes that happen weekly on the blog.

Visit the  News and  Events page frequently for more detailed information about all the latest news from Images of Wyoming, and be sure to  sign up for email updates on our blog.    Our galleries now contain over 925 images with just over 275 recently added to the site. Though not posted yet, we have just completed over 100 large format panoramas of Wyoming. These will ultimately reside on the www.wyomingpanorama.com website. For now check out the 8' wide limited-edition panorama of 'The Teton/Snake River Panorama.'

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